Veto! in focus

Veto! Für den Rechtsstaat e.V. (Veto! for short) was founded in 2016 and is recognized as a non-profit organization. The association has set itself the goal of working for a better understanding of the necessity and structures of a constitutional state.

Veto! offers a platform to discuss possible threats to democracy and the rule of law and tries to point out possible solutions.

We welcome support in the form of donations, which are tax deductible in Germany.

You can find our statutes here (in German only).

Main focus of our activities

Veto! prepares information to raise awareness of security risks and gaps in countering threats. We conduct background discussions with politicians and other decision-makers, offer lectures on the topic area of politically-motivated crime, terrorism and radicalization.

In the expert discussion series of our initiative "Center for Inner-European Security Policy", practitioners from various fields in the subject area of security have their say. Those working in the respective professional fields rarely have time to write scientific essays or recommendations for action in addition to their work. However, their knowledge should be incorporated into research and policy decisions. With the expert discussion series, we want to reduce the communication gap between decision-makers, think tanks and practitioners. Veto! uses the talks to filter out and analyze neuralgic points of inner-European security and to derive recommendations for action, which in turn are made available to research and policy.

Furthermore, Veto! cooperates with European partners, because security can only be guaranteed in an international context. The European Union offers the opportunity for intra-European networking of civil society engagement, and thus for strengthening the constitutional states without falling back into national thinking. The cooperations allow Veto! to learn from our international partners and to pass on experiences in and from Germany. Previous cooperations are listed in the Activities tab.

One of the basic themes of Veto! is equality, because the rights and freedom of women are the yardstick for the freedom of a society. That is why we founded the initiative Women for Freedom. In the meantime, Frauen für Freiheit e. V. has become an independent association, with which we cooperate in holding specialist events on the analysis of the causes of politically-motivated, religious and cultural factors of violence against women. Further information can be found on the website of Frauen für Freiheit (Women for Freedom).