20. October 2020 | online

HOMEAFFAIRS 2020: 6th Internal Security Forum Prague

HOMEAFFAIRS 2020: 6th Internal Security Forum Prague
What is the current state of play of Islamic Extremism and counter-extremist measures in Germany? What impact of the Covid-19 pandemic? with Saad Idrissi Amrani, Rebecca Schönenbach and Josef Kraus

Topics of the online-discussion:

  • EU´s combating Islamic extremism across Europe (in the time of pandemic measures);
  • Hybrid warfare of the global Islamist movement;
  • Consequences of the Hezbollah ban in EU countries;
  • Development of Islamic extremism and the countermeasures in Germany;
  • Preventing the radicalisation (governmental vs. non-governmental perspective).


Saad Idrissi Amrani, Chief Commissioner and Policy Advisor, Belgian Federal Police, Brussels

Rebecca Schönenbach, Chairwoman, Veto! Für den Rechtsstaat – defending the rule of law, Berlin

Josef Kraus, Religious radicalisation expert, Head of Security and Strategic Studies, Masaryk University, Brno


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